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Обновление MikroTik RouterOS v6.40.4

Производитель MikroTik обновил операционную систему RouterOS до версии 6.40.4.

Прошивку RouterOS версии 6.40.4 можно скачать с сайта http://www.mikrotik.com/download.html

В версии 6.40.4 сделаны следующие улучшения и исправления (2 октября 2017 г.):

  • address - show warning on IPv6 address when acquire from pool has failed;
  • arp - fixed invalid static ARP entries after reboot on interfaces without IP address;
  • crs1xx/2xx - fixed 1 Gbps forced mode for several SFP modules;
  • crs317 - added L2MTU support;
  • crs3xx - improved packet processing in slowpath;
  • defconf - fixed RouterOS default configuration (introduced in v6.40.3);
  • dhcp - fixed downgrade from RouterOS v6.41 or higher;
  • dhcpv6 client - added IAID check in reply;
  • dhcpv6-client - fixed IA check on solicit when "rapid-commit" is enabled;
  • dhcpv6-client - ignore unknown IA;
  • dhcpv6-client - require pool name to be unique;
  • e-mail - auto complete file name on "file" parameter (introduced in v6.40);
  • export - fixed wireless "ssid" and "supplicant-identity" compact export;
  • hotspot - fixed missing "/ip hotspot server profile" if invalid "dns-name" was specified;
  • hotspot - improved user statistics collection process;
  • ike1 - remove PH1 and PH2 when "mode-config" exchange fails;
  • ipsec - kill PH1 on "mode-config" address failure;
  • ipv6 - fixed IPv6 address request from pool;
  • lte - fixed modem initialization after reboot;
  • ntp-client - properly start NTP client after reboot if manual server IP is not configured;
  • rb931-2nd - fixed startup problems (requires additional reboot after upgrade);
  • routerboard - fixed "/system routerboard upgrade" for CRS212-8G-4S;
  • sfp - fixed OPTON module DDM information readings;
  • sfp - fixed temperature readings for various SFP modules;
  • snmp - fixed "/caps-man registration-table" uptime values;
  • snmp - fixed "/system license" parameters for CHR;
  • tile - improved reliability on MPLS package processing;
  • userman - fixed unresponsive RADIUS server (introduced in v6.40.3);
  • vlan - do not allow VLAN MTU to be higher than L2MTU;
  • webfig - improved reliability of login process;
  • wireless - added "etsi1" regulatory domain information;
  • wireless - improved WPA2 key exchange reliability;
  • wireless - updated "norway" regulatory domain information.
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